Made Here 2023 #lightsonpenrith

Lights on Penrith
Made Here / May 2023

2023 Lights on Penrith – Made Here

What’s it all about?

Manufactor is the exciting new manufacturing facility taking shape in Penrith. What better place to host our next Lights On Penrith event? Better still, this important conversation will happen inside our latest local brewery – housed inside Manufactor – Drink West.

“MADE HERE” presents an opportunity for industry and stakeholders to collaborate and share learnings and resources, for increased resilience and local prosperity in manufacturing. 

Our expert speakers and presenters will highlight key challenges and discuss solutions affecting those who “make it here” in the Penrith Valley region.

Information rich topics include…

  1. Setting the Scene for Western Sydney – speakers from Western Sydney University & NAB
  2. International Trade and Market Access – Investment NSW
  3. All things Modern Manufacturing – Keynote Tony Shepherd OA
  4. Environmental Social Governance (ESG) – BDO
  5. Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility – Western Parkland City Authority
  6. Factory of the Future – Western Sydney University

We will also feature a couple of expert panels and hear from local industry leaders and encourage crowd questions and participation throughout the day.

This event will be a half-day program that includes a mouth-watering lunch from Brisket Boys (another outstanding Manufactor tenant) and beverages thanks to Drink West.

If you have ideas or suggestions of “MADE HERE” stories to profile, or your keen to see your name in lights as a proud sponsor, please get in touch with Stacey…